Brand Positioning Strategy
A list of the ten vital elements of a brand positioning strategy.

Brand Positioning Strategy

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Importance of Branding: Why is Branding Important

It’s marketing 101 time again.  If you ever did the degree, then you will remember the age-old sayings, such as the four P’s, SWOT, PESTLE, etc. Here is a quick refresher article on branding.

Branding is the process by which a small company can differentiate its product range from the competition. Each brand will create intangible properties with which consumers may be indoctrinated. Small businesses can differentiate their products from the competition, even though their products may match (Pepsi vs. Coke). Brand features help give different brand personalities. As long as a small business knows what properties with which to target consumers, as per specific demographics, then that will represent the brands ability to win a position, gaining awareness from people with a high interest in the company's products and thus pay a high price for it.

Three most important brand features are (in no specific order):

Ÿ  Satisfaction

Ÿ  Demographics

Ÿ  Personality

Why no awareness?

Because, if you do not have brand awareness, then you do not have a brand.  In the same way that painting a white tree on a white board does not make it a picture (please note that I did not say art, so keep your snotty emails to yourself).

Different personalities and functional features create a sense of routine for customers and bring them closer to the product. Brands create a degree/form of dependence between the consumer and the brand. On the other hand, it may just be that the brand’s ranges are fantastic and the product is able to meet the needs of consumers. In addition, if you are a small company that is constantly providing targeted customer messages it will create a variety of brand values, meanings and aesthetics embedded in the consumer’s subconscious.

Such personality traits tend to be constant and help to differentiate brands. Such features make it easy, for a company to last a long time, because of their popularity among consumers being associated with a personality trait. Companies will try to give their brands the same features as their target consumers to create a link between the two and appeal to the product.

Customers create a kind of friendship with the brand. We could say that a brand is similar to the human personality. That is because many human characteristics are associated with brands. Brands express a self-serving of both a symbolic and functional means.  Like a brand for jeans that is tough as a personality trait to enhance the fact that the material they use is tough and long lasting.  Brands are given human qualities to help people comparably identify the brand with themselves.  Other brand personalities affect different people. A small business should find out what fits their personality and create a brand. Only then can small businesses attract customers who will pay more to buy the product at a high price and come back to buy again.

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