Best Website for Tumblr Pictures
A listing of the best websites for Tumblr pictures.

Best Website for Tumblr Pictures

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Best Website for Tumblr Pictures

Tumblr’s a micro blogging medium for social networking, which is suitable for shorter posts like Twitter.  The blog may be updated by the users on Tumblr as when they please.  It’s alright if you wish to post an image or images without any text to support it.  Your posts are called Tumblelogs, and are a popular/well received format for creative people, including graphic designers, artists and photographers.  People use their Tumblelogs to collect various types of content, and then post them for all their friends to see.

The best websites for pictures are only limited by your imagination.  You can even grab them from the Tumblr site itself if you like.  Here are three tools to help you download the images from Tumblr Blog.

You can follow peoples blogs via the Tumblr RSS feed, however you may wish to download to offline and save images those on your PC; then you must use one of these tools.

Gettumblrpic is an open source and hence free program.  Gettumblrpic lets you add in the name of the TumbleLog, and the amount of pages you wish to scan, and then it will show you the URL of the pages you scanned.  You are then free to download the pictures, via the links you are given.

DownloadTumblr is open-source so free and portable too, allowing you the ability to download pictures/ images from your Tumblr-blog/TumbleLog.  Pop in the name the author has given to the blog, and enter the amount/number of pages that you want to analyze.  Then you simply press/click "Scan for photos."  DownloadTumblr will give you the Url of the pictures and images so you can save them.  The only down side is, that you can’t have a preview of the pictures beforehand.

Tumblr-downloader is an open source program and free.  It is an application/program to download pictures and images from a TumbleLog.   It lets you specify the images you wish to download from a few Tumblr blogs at the same time.  Within the program directory, you will find a txt file named “accounts.txt”.  You can edit this text file and enter in the names of the blog from which you wish to download images.  You then double click on the tubmlr.jar to start downloading the pictures/images.  

With all of these programs you are only to enter in the name of the blog and not its entire URL.

The general idea of Tumblr is to be able to see an item/thing/topic/something on the Internet, and then show it your friends.  So in reality, the whole Internet is a source of great pictures for you to share in your Tumblr blog.

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