List of the Best Twitter Follower Tools and Software Tutorial
A listing of the best Twitter follower tools and software tutorial.

Best Twitter Follower Tools

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List of the Best Twitter Follower Tools and Software Tutorial

The tools below will allow you to follow and un-­follow twitters in greater numbers.  Twitter has computer aided Twitter accounts and programmatically automated accounts, which facilitate in taking you to spam sites or Tweets, or adult themed sites and Tweets.  It is hard to identify a genuine Twitter follower and an automated one, and hence it is difficult to weed out the spammers.  With all that said, the tools below will allow you to bulk follow or un-follow people, so as to at least make managing your Twitter account a little easier.


This is a desktop app which will let you to manage your account and do mass follow/un-following of your many twitter friends.  The other stuff that Twiping will let you do is:

Ÿ  It tells you which people are following you and which are not

Ÿ  With a single click you can make lists of Twitter users.

Ÿ  It will point out and alert you to the people who have just stopped following you

Ÿ  It will show you the last time somebody Tweeted so you can see if they are still using Twitter

Ÿ  It lets you find relevant and targeted Tweets easily

Twitter Karma

This application is flash based and will show you all of your followers and friends on Twitter.  After you hit the “whack” button it will update you most recent list.  The list can then be filtered so that it is easier to navigate and sort.  The first/default filter it gives (before you switch) will show you which of your followers or friends updated first.  The tool will then let you bulk follow or simply un-follow people, based on how you have selected them (with the aid of the list filters).  You can block people on Twitter, but you cannot “bulk” un-follow people i.e. you can’t un-follow people over x-amount at a time.


This program/tool works online only and you can use it to look up people through the stuff they have written on their biographies, based on the keywords you have entered.  You can also search via location and their names.  This, for example,  may make it easier to find people who work for the same company as you, or who have the same last name.  You can search out people whom you aren’t following, and you can even bulk un-follow people too. This is done by hitting the “Flush” button. This again can only be done with a certain amount of people at a time, but there is no limit to how many times you do it, so you can delete your entire list if you so wish.  You can search out interesting people, and you can block people with the program too.


This is a more powerful un-follow tool you can use on Twitter and will give you a list of people who are not following you.  Bulk un-following is really against the rules on Twitter, so you will often find that you cannot un-follow a lot of people at once, but this tool allows you to un-follow up to fifty people at once.  You are also able to rotate your Twitter background automatically with this tool. It allows you to:

Ÿ  Schedule a Twitter profile rotation and design rotation which will rotate your bio’s and images.

Ÿ  It has lots of filters for analysis and configuration so you can search out the Twitter users you really want.

Ÿ  You can more easily shift the spam mail from your mail box 

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