Best Tumblr Widgets for Blogger, Wordpress, and Joomla
Finding the best Tumblr widgets for Blogger, Wordpress, and Joomla.

Best Tumblr Widgets

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Best Tumblr Widgets for Blogger, WordPress, and Joomla

Change the Favicon
If you have grown weary of the favicon given to you by blogger then this tutorial will show you how to display a customised favicon of your own.

Change the Title Tags for More Search Engine Traffic
This link will lead you to a tutorial that, will teach you how to make your posting title appear before your blog title, in a Google results page.  It is pretty much a blog SEO tutorial.

Google Buzz Share Button
This gives another means of sharing your post/content across a social network.

Recent Comments Widget
This widget will show the recent comments and discussions around your blog posting, so that people may see if your issue is a hot topic.

Tag Cloud Widget
This widget will show a tag cloud with the sidebar of your blog.  The tags shown are based on the labels that were given to each posting.

Random Posts Button
This will manufacture a link which you can use on your template.  It will direct users to a random posting when someone clicks on it.

Recent Posts with Thumbnails
This link will give your recent posts a thumbnail picture, so that it appeals to a wider audience.

Top Commentators Widget
When people are commenting on your blog, this widget will direct you to the websites of the people who are commenting on you, so that you can return the favor.

Post Ratings by Outbrain
This link will let your readers rate your postings.

Digg Vote Button
People using Digg may rate your blog posts using this widget.

Related Posts Widget
This widget will show you related posts underneath your blog posting. The links will then be shown based on the labels that were given to each posting.

Performancing Ads Widget
This is pretty much the same as signing up for Google Adsense so as to let other people advertise on your website.

Search Bar for Blogger
This will put a smaller search bar within the footer of your blog so that the readers can search out specific keywords/information.

Table of Contents
Lets you put on a table of contents so that people may more easily navigate your blog.

Facebook Widgets
With this widget you can connect you Facebook account with your blogs.

Currently Online Readers Widget
This will show you how many of the site users are online at the moment, and will also give you an indication as to which pages they are looking at.

Contact Admin Widget
This will allow  you to put a contact form in your blog.

PageRank Buttons
This page will display to you and your readers the ranking that the page is, on Google search results.

Google Talk Chat Back Badge
This will give you a ChatBack badge from Google Talk, so that you can let your blog readers talk to you (chat with you).  It will allow them to chat with you if you are both signed into Google Talk.

PayPal Donation Button
A Paypal Donation widget is a button that leads the reader to a Paypal site with your details, so that they can donate whatever amount they wish.

Switch to a Custom Domain
You can put your blog in your own domain name with this.

Sudoku Puzzle Widget
This widget will give you an interactive game of Sudoku in your sidebar.

Change Your Template
This will give you a lot of different custom blogging templates to choose from.

Social Bookmarking Widget
You can bookmark the posts of your choice at the bottom of their posting with this widget.

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