Best Tumblr Theme Generators and Custom Tumblr Themes
Get the best Tumblr theme generators and custom Tumblr themes.

Here is a list of the 10 best Tumblr theme designs to use for your Tumblr blog:

#1 Borderline

#2 Simple Orange

#3 Fiction

#4 The Daily

#5 Important Things

#6 TumbleDesk

#7 Chalkdust

#8 Futura

#9 Modern1

#10 The Fisherman's Friend

Best Tumblr Theme Generators

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Best Tumblr Theme Generators and Custom Tumblr Themes

Just because there are 12 year olds creating Tumblr themes does not mean it is easy, but on the other hand, it is not too complex for most people to take on.


The link above is for a Theme generator.  It is a WordPress Theme generator and it is all that you will need to create a Tumblr theme.

Before you ask, yes there are other ways to make themes, just like there is more than one way to bake a cake.  The link above gives you the easiest way in my opinion.  It allows you to create your very own WordPress theme without having to know any web design code or any programmer’s code.  You will not need to know or use Java script, PHP, Html, or CSS.

With the tools on this online link you can adjust the color and settings of your Theme.  You can change its layout and then see it live.  You can save your progress online so that you can alter it without losing your previous work.  You can also download your new theme into a zip file for your own offline use and storage.  The online tool allows themes to be made that are compatible with most browsers/systems.

In the same way that a man with five colors in his pallet may need to mix a few to paint a rainbow, this tool is not exhaustive.  You can do most basic theme manipulation functions, but you will probably need a little extra to be able to make award winning themes.

When you first start, try the preview button at the very bottom to get a look at what you are creating.  If your browser updates automatically, then you will be able to see the changes you make happen as you make them.

For example if you click onto one of the small boxes of color, you will see the color chart come up so that you can pick yours.  Pop your cursor and click on the color you desire and then click the word save at the top right of the box.  If your browser updates in time then you will see the thing you changed the color of, change on the screen.

To test this out, at the very top of the tool where it says site name, change its title from “WP Generator Blog” to whatever you please, and you will see the big title name change on the right hand side too.  If it does not change right away then go to the bottom of the page and click on preview.

The best tutorial online, (in my opinion), for creating a custom html theme is below:


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