Best Small Business Apps for Iphone and Android
A description of the best mobile applications to use for business.

Best Small Business Apps for Iphone and Android

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Running a Small Business for a Smart Phone

Every day, millions of small business owners run their business from the palm of their hand. They use their smartphone to do their banking, maintain their schedule, contact customers, even maintain inventories.

The biggest question that most owners have when deciding to use their phone to assist them is: which, of the thousands of small business apps, are the best?

Here is our list of the best apps for small business. No more trial and error. We have made it as easy as possible.

Managing money and company time

Financial Management – Quickbooks – This is one of the classic money management programs. They have a smartphone version that allows you to do various financial tasks, tracks sales and create and send estimates to clients. There is free trial and then they offer a monthly subscription.

Banking and Financial – Mint.com – Allows you to maintain all of your balances from one location. Use 128-bit encryption to automatically update and organize all of your financial information. This a free app.

Time and Money – Office Time – Allows you to manage your company's finances, as well as track time through timesheets, spreadsheets and graphs. The app costs $7.99 and the core program is $47.00.

Data Storage

File Storage – Box -This program stores all of your files on, allowing anyone with permission to access to use the information from anywhere in the world. You can search the files, no matter how much information is there. You can favorite files to be able to access them online. Free trial, then different pricing levels.

Saving and Sharing – Dropbox – You are able to not only store all of your files online, but you can invite anyone to share any files. Any files you save in Dropbox are automatically synced to all of your devices and the cloud for safety and easy access. Free up to 18GB, then various pricing levels.

Document Editing

Store and clip everything – Evernote – This program allows you to not only store everything in the cloud, but you can clip web pages and copy directly to your notes with ease. Minimal memory impact on devices. Everything can be organized and edited at will. Free, with storage upgrades if desired.

Cross platforms easily – Documents To Go – This program makes it easy to integrate Office and PDF files. It also guarantees that everything will look on your smartphone exactly as it did on your computer. $9.99, with an upgrade for $16.99.


Talk free anywhere – Skype – The mobile version of one the world's most popular programs allows you to make and take calls Skype to Skype free. International and long distance phone call rates are significantly reduced. Free or there are various plans allowing for phone calls, either by subscription or “pay as you go.”

Meeting on the go – Webex – You are able to schedule, attend and host meetings from anywhere in the world. You can share files and lots of other information easily from your smartphone. You can also share files to your phone from your office. This is a free program.

Customer Support

Real customer contact – Desk.com - Full scale customer support tools in your hands. Not only can you communicate with your customers, but you can share and assign the case to others, share data with your website and provide 24/7 support. Everything for your customer support is stored in the cloud for safety. Free trial, then various pricing levels depending on how much support you will need.

Customer connections – Get Satisfaction Mobile – This is widget for your website that allows your customers to contact you, other customers, your customer service department and manufacturers reps instantly. The customer doesn't need to download anything. Prices range from free to $99 per month.

Financial Transactions

Credit cards anywhere – Square – You can accept credit cards from anywhere, also comes with a free reader card and links directly into your accounts. Customers can add tips, sign and get receipts, all via email. Either pay 2.75% per transaction or $275 per month.

No more wallets – Google Wallet – Stores all of your credit and debit card information on your phone or computer. You can then use it to pay for things and shop in-store or online. This is free (but only available on Android).

We hope that this list is helpful and will save you a lot of running around. Each of these programs is highly rated and very trustworthy, so we are confident that no matter what you choose to use, it will work well for you.

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