Best Sites for Tumblr Backgrounds and Tumblr Wallpapers
Some of the best sites for Tumblr backgrounds and Tumblr wallpapers.

Best Sites for Tumblr Backgrounds

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The themes by Fusels are really good and professionally designed.  They flow nicely, don’t feel boxy and there are enough to appeal to most people’s sensibilities.  There are not really many niche ones, but the generalised feel of each one makes it so that you will find at least one you like.  I like the one with the baby bunny picture.


The Dollie Crave site is mainly aimed at the female market and possibly at the super camp market.  The themes are for both Twitter and Tumblr, and have a distinctly girly feel about them.  The flying hamster pictured theme has its charms.


This is a very well done site.  Graphically they have really put the work in, and the format allows for very easy navigation.  They offer themes, wallpapers, updates, codes etc, as well as other extras, such as ways of creating your own layouts.  The themes are categorised very well, and are of a very high quality.  They go from the overly cartoony, to celebrity images and high quality photography.


The themes on this site are mostly of very arty photography.  They mainly exist around artistic pictures.  For example there is a picture with a man with a face full of smoke from his cigarette.  The image is not altered, but has simply been caught in the moment.  Even if you are not “in” to any form of art, you are likely to find an image and theme that you like, out of the fiebretheemes collection.


From this link you will be redirected to some images which could be used as wallpapers.  They are nothing special, but one or two are very thought provoking, and even if in the very likely event that you don’t see one you like, they are still worth a look.

Want to add and customise your wallpaper/theme.
There is a slight variation depending on which country you are using Tumblr from, but basically it goes:

Ÿ  On your dashboard click “Customize”

Ÿ  Then click on “Theme”

Ÿ  Then edit or install as you wish.

So far as I am aware, there have been no court cases in which a person was sued for using an image as a background for their Twitter or Tumblr account.  As I understand it, unless you are using a picture for your website or for commercial reasons, then there is often little reason for the copyright holder to instigate any sort of legal action.

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