Landing Page Best Practices for Registration Forms
A useful guideline on how to create an user friendly registration form for your landing page.

Landing Page Best Practices for Registration Forms

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The Registration Challenge

Marketers and web surfers both find registration forms frustrating. It has been found that 86% of people leave a website when asked to create a new account. Below are some statistics about registration forms and a possible solution to make them less of a nuisance.

Why People Leave When Faced with a Registration Form
  • 42% Find that forms ask too many questions
  • 50% Dislike creating new passwords
  • 60% Already have over 5 passwords to remember
  • 40% Use the “forgot password” button at least once a month

  • Trust
    It was found that 88% of internet users admit to lying on forms, but 60% of them would give their information if they knew what it was being used for.

    The Alternative Method: Social Login

    Social login removes existing barriers and lets website visitors have an enhanced registration experience. It gives the user the freedom to choose, removes the need for new usernames and passwords, and brings more conversions. In fact, in a survey it was revealed that 77% of users prefer to login using social media.

    Percentages of Social Logins
  • 54% Facebook
  • 25% Google+
  • 10% Twitter
  • 7% Yahoo
  • 2% Windows
  • 2% Other (LinkedIn, Monster, etc.)

  • With social login, the registration form problem is removed as people can easily access their accounts with the use of their social media account. This lets visitors have a better web experience on your page as they don’t have to worry about a new set of usernames and passwords. By incorporating social login onto your website page, you will acquire more conversions because you have made it so easy for your visitors to sign up.

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