The Best Elevator Pitch Template: 7 Elements of an Elevator Pitch
The seven parts to creating an effective elevator pitch.

The Best Elevator Pitch Template: 7 Elements of an Elevator Pitch

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How to Give a Great Pitch

A business pitch can either change your life or have no effect whatsoever. It is imperative that you present your vision in a manner that forecasts success to potential investors in order to convince them. Here are some facts and tips to keep in mind before you go out there and try to sell your ideas.

Facts and Statistics About Elevator Pitches
  • Average length of an elevator pitch: 56
  • Average quantity of contact points before a face-to-face meeting: 40
  • Average quantity of agencies on RFP shortlists: 5
  • Average quantity of new business pitches per agency per year: 20
  • Average % of new businesses that win an agency: 25
  • % of agencies that assign budgets per pitch: 80
  • Average expense per $100k of potential win: $5

  • 7 Tips to Keep in Mind

    1. Chemistry
    Complementing personalities make a relationship last longer.

    2. Creativity
    Go for a unique pitch and make it innovative.

    3. Impact
    Be loud with your pitch. A passive approach will make what you say go unnoticed.

    4. Attention to Detail
    Check for grammar or spelling errors. This will prevent unnecessary judgment and embarrassment.

    5. Connectivity
    Associate with other team members for long-term support and from the people who matter

    6. Know-How
    Share your vision and show your expertise from all points-of-view.

    7. Drive
    Passion breeds success. Don’t hesitate to do anything that is necessary for your pitch to be successful.

    With this information, you can now improve your business pitch plan and enhance your chances of making a deal with a potential investor. There are many factors that can lead to a “yes” or a “no,” so make sure to invest some time into making them benefit you as much as possible.

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