How to Be More Productive at Work: Four Productivity Killers
An outline of ways to avoid negatively impacting your productivity.

How to Be More Productive at Work: Four Productivity Killers

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4 Ways Your Workspace Distracts You from Work

Ironically, the place where you work can cause you to work less. It is important to set up a workspace for yourself that ensures the most amount of productivity from you as possible in order to achieve your business goals. Here are some areas you can look at to find out what causes your distractions and low levels of focus:

1. Desk Toys
Desk toys are a great method to help you to take a break from work. Be wary of what items you place on your desk, though, as they can cause you to become distracted while you are supposed to be actually working. A solution to this distraction is to place your desk toy in a cabinet or on a shelf out of reach.

2. Piles of Papers
After your commute to work, there is nothing more dreadful than finding a pile of papers on your desk. It constantly reminds you of all of the work you have to do and sets you up to become depressed and unhappy. A way to rid of this distraction is to create a to-do list on a single sheet of paper and place the pile out of sight. That way, you still know what you have to do but are not being nagged by how long it will take.

3. Clock Distraction
Clocks can make you dread what you are working on as they show you how much time you are spending on your report, presentation, or document. They trigger overwhelming thoughts that you will never be able to finish on time or constantly update you on how bad you are at multitasking. The answer to this problem is to remove the clock from your view and use alarms instead that ring at appointment times.

4. Constant Sitting
Inactivity causes problems with health and attentiveness. Sitting behind a desk all day can slow down your mental sharpness and make you lose productivity. The best thing to do is to take frequent breaks every 50 minutes and stay active by taking walks or doing push-ups and sit-ups.

Your workplace can actually cause you to have distractions and ultimately make you not work. By reading the article you can look for items on your desk that can be the cause of your nonproductivity. Preventing yourself from distractions and clearing up your desk and mind can do wonders to your level of output and career.

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