Average Attorney Hourly Rates
An outline of the most common reasons for needing an attorney and their average costs.

Average Attorney Hourly Rates

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The Legal Needs of Americans

Many employees miss work and important deadlines thanks to the many legal issues they face. Here are some common legal issues that occur, causing the waste of an important employee’s precious time:

1. Purchasing or Leasing a Car
2. Hiring a Contractor
3. Caring for an Aging Family Member
4. Taking Care of Credit Trouble or Debt Collection
5. Facing the Death of a Family Member
6. Creating or Updating a Financial Plan
7. Receiving a Ticket for a Moving Violation
8. Renting an Apartment
9. Selling a Car
10. Refinancing

Employers Offering Legal Solutions
¾ of Americans think that legal solutions offered by their employer would be helpful, but only 1 in 9 Americans currently work for employers that offer legal solutions. The average fee for attorneys with 11-15 years of experience is $312 and from 2007 to 2011, the need for attorneys has increased by 33%.

The average hourly rate that each generation expects to pay an attorney:
  • Gen Y - $120
  • Gen X - $138
  • Boomers - $152
  • Silents - $156

  • It will prove beneficial for employers to give legal solutions to their employees. If an employer makes the switch, he/she will find that fewer days will be taken off of work by their employees, resulting in a more efficient use of time.

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