Autoresponder Marketing Tips
Ideas on how to create an effective autoresponder message.

Autoresponder Marketing Tips

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6 Tips to Get the Most out of Auto Responders

Auto responders are automatic emails that are sent after sign-up forms are filled or shopping carts are abandoned. They are small reminders but are a great tool for online marketing and optimizing your sales. Listed below are 6 methods to making the most out of your auto responders.

6 Ways to Maximize Your Auto Responders

1. Welcome Your New Subscribers.
Use auto responders for new subscribers to your blog or website. Welcome them in and consider giving them a coupon.

2. Offer Suggestions.
After looking at what your customers search, click, and purchase, try suggesting items that they may find useful for other purchases.

3. Personalize Their Messages.
Make your message personal with their name after you have collected their contact data.

4. Give Frequent Reminders.
Send reminders to any events that you plan on hosting like webinars, open houses, or store promotions. Remind them a week before, the day before, and they day of the event.

5. Offer Your Knowledge.
Have a sign up form for visitors to submit their questions and receive tips from you. This is a good way to raise your level of credibility as you answer questions and show off how much you know.

6. K.I.S.S.
Keep it Simple and Sweet. Filling in your auto responders with too many promotions, tips, and articles will drive your fans away.

Common Ways to Use Auto Responders

  • Birthdays/Anniversary Greetings
  • Invitations to Events
  • Welcome Messages
  • Surveys

  • Helpful Statistics
  • 55% of consumers like receiving emails with coupons or special deals from the brands they subscribe to.
  • 49% of consumers subscribe to 1-10 brands.
  • 43% of consumers subscribe to 11+ brands.
  • 34% of consumers are fine with receiving 6 emails a day from brands they trust.
  • The average conversion rates for abandoned shopping cart emails decreases within the first hour from 5.2% to 3.6%.

  • Auto responders can bring you more repeat business as you remind your subscribers about new sales, deals, and offers. They are also a valuable tool to bring back potential customers that have abandoned their shopping carts. Having an auto responder email system set up will not only prevent your subscribers from forgetting you, but will make the bond between you and your customers stronger as you send them birthday greetings and welcome messages.

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